Recent Projects

Recent projects include: 
                  • Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy UK  [2014 - present]
                    • Advisor and peer reviewer for the development of theoretical/conceptual evaluation frameworks, methods and analysis for                                                                                                                                         DNV GL’s/BEIS evaluation of the Electricity Demand Reduction Pilot scheme.
                    • Facilitated policy mapping and option appraisals for a range of potential home energy interventions for DECC                                                                                                                                                    [Department of Energy and Climate Change- now BEIS] Home Energy Policy Teams.
                    • Providing expert evaluation advice for the Smart Meter Implementation Programme [2016] (with ELESCO Consulting -Prof. Eliot Stern).
                  •  Council/ Paisley UK City of Culture Bid team  [2017] 
                    • Development of Theories of Change to support the Paisley UK City of Culture 2021 Bid.
                  • The Centre for Ageing Better: London [2016 & 2017]                                              
                    • Support to develop processes for programme scoping and theory articulation for planning and evaluation.
                    • Development of Theory of Change maps for Later Life Transition projects commissioned with the Gulbenkian Foundation.
                  • Scottish Government – People’s Community Fund [2017]
                    • Theories of Change and realist input for the theory-driven research of the People’s Community Fund                                                                                                                                                                    [focused on tackling poverty and social inclusion] with EKOS consulting.
                  • Community Food and Health Scotland/ NHS Health Scotland [2014-15/2017]
                    • Mentoring support for CFHS/NHSHS’s realist informed research of Cooking Skills Programmes targeting vulnerable individuals (2017).
                    • Realist informed review of grey literature for cooking skills activities aimed at low income communities (2015).
                  • Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership [2016-2017]
                    • Support to build strategic outcome focused delivery plans using theories of change.
                  • Skills Development Scotland [2011/2016]
                    • Support for their Strategic Plan Refresh involving outcome planning and the development of indicators and a monitoring framework [2015-16].
                    • Logic modeling for: benefits realisation; Employment Fund; Modern Apprenticeships; Career Information and Advice programme; and,                                                                                                                    Food and Drinks Industry Growth Programme [2011-15].
                  • Architecture and Design Scotland  [2015/ 2017]
                    • Evaluation training and support/mentoring to build internal evaluation capacity.
                  • NHS Health Scotland [2015/16]
                    • Facilitation of outcome models for Food and Health and Looked After Children [Sessions with key national partnership stakeholders
                  • Glasgow Life  - and all associated brands [2012-14] [with Jacki Gordon +Associates]
                    • Embedding Logic modeling/theories of change and outcome focused planning in Glasgow Life [including Glasgow communities/learning,                                                                                                        Glasgow Sport, Glasgow Libraries, Glasgow Museums, Glasgow Arts] and informing proportionate monitoring and evaluation across                                                                                                                         the organisation (with Jacki Gordon + Associates).
                  •  NHS Greater Glasgow [2014]
                    • Facilitation of logic models for Glasgow’s child poverty strategy.
                  • NHS Education Scotland [2011/2014/2018]
                    • Specialist Advisor to NHS Education on a range of theory informed evaluations of patient safety projects [e.g. Scottish Patient Safety Initiative                                                                                                       Realist synthesis of evidence for PDSA –Improvement Methodologies Scottish Reduction of Antibiotic Prescribing Project].
                  •  Scottish Government [Health Directorate]/NHS Education  [2012-2014]
                    • Logic modeling and theory building for: refocusing of Health Visitor and School Nurses’ roles; antenatal health inequalities; 
                    • The educational/training aspects of the refreshed maternity strategy.
                  • Scottish Recovery Network [2012-2013]
                    • Development of outcome focused operational logic models, plans and associated indicators.
                  • Aberdeenshire Council [2012]
                    • Planning and logic modeling support for Aberdeenshire Council Total Place Pilot on attainment /early years.
                  • Glasgow Centre for Population Health [2011-2012] 
                    • Evaluation of the Impact and Dissemination of Mental Health in Focus: Mental Health Indicators for Greater Glasgow & Clyde                                                                                                                                                                      for the Glasgow Centre for Population Health (with Jacki Gordon + Associates)
                  • Scottish Government – Regeneration Directorate  [2009-2010]
                    • What works in Town Centre Regeneration? Evaluation of the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Regeneration Fund                                                                                                                                            (with Douglas Wheeler Associates, Ryden, & Slim’s Consultancy).
                  • Aecom/Tavistock Institute  [2009-2010]                                                                                      
                    • Input on development Theories of Change for the national [England and Wales] Evaluation of Road Safety Interventions in Local Highways Agencies                                                                                                       and for the Evaluation of Cycling Fund Interventions. (Evaluations led by AECOM/Tavisitock Institute for the Department of Transport).
                  • Scottish Government/SPARcoll [2008-2009]                             
                    • Development of a planning and evaluation framework for initiatives funded as part of the National Physical Activity Strategy                                                                                                                                  (with Jacki Gordon + Associates and SPARcoll).
                  • The Scottish Government [2008-2009] [With Jacki Gordon + Associates and SPARcoll].
                    • Review of Physical Activity Strategy in Scotland: Research with key projects and initiatives NHS Health Scotland as part of research for the                                                                                                               five year review of the Scottish National Physical Activity Strategy 2008.
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