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Avril Blamey & Associates are  Planning and Evaluation Consultants who provide support for planning, implementing 
and evaluating health improvement (and wider social) policies, programmes and projects. 

We specialise in:

            • bringing 'evaluative thinking' into planning;
            • applying and enhancing the existing evidence-base;
            • building tailored monitoring and evaluation frameworks and tools;
            • conducting monitoring and evaluation; and,
            • developing clients in-house capacity for planning and evaluation.
The services we offer are detailed below or get in touch for more details.

About Us

Avril Blamey and Associates was established in February 2008. Whilst Avril works independently she also works with 
a range of associates and contributes to research and evaluation conducted by other independent or 
academic organisations and consortia.

Avril is qualified in Evaluation, Public Health, & Physical Activity/Sports Science and has delivered, supported and commissioned 
numerous complex evaluations for Scottish, UK and local agencies. She has worked previously as a Senior Public Health Advisor 
with NHS Health Scotland, a Research Fellow in the Health Promotion Policy Unit at Glasgow University 
and as a Senior Manager in the Health Promotion Department at NHS Greater Glasgow.











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